Jacob Tucker’s Jump Program Volume 1


MAKE EVERY STEP COUNT TRAIN YOUR FEET AND INCREASE YOUR QUICKNESS & VERTICAL   A patented weighted insole that is easy to use and is good for all sports and aerobic exercises.  Designed to increase strength, speed, agility, and vertical.  Train with the insoles in your shoes and then replace with your regular insole for competition.  Not only does it increase…

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Skill Development Jump Program

Jacob Tucker’s Skill Development Jump Program is a collection of drills revealing the in-game methods that brought Tucker to prominence with his 50 inch vertical.  This DVD Series unwraps the training methods that provided Jacob Tucker with the foundation needed to not only have a high vertical, but actually use his athleticism in the game, which no other jump program in the country offers!


While most strength and conditioning programs and jump systems train in perfect environments with perfect form and flawless moments, the truth is most athletic conditions are chaotic and hectic, filled with reactions and physical contact.  That’s why Jacob Tucker’s Skill Development Program focuses on training athletes imperfectly to match up to the imperfect sport of basketball!

The skill development jump program starts from the foundation – a player’s feet.  Not only will player’s learn how to improve their game-time vertical, they will also leave an improved basketball player.  Player’s will become better finishers around the rim, equipped with creativity, exceptional footwork, explosiveness, and touch. After all, it’s not just being able to jump that matters.  It’s being able to jump and finish that makes a dangerous player.

Volume One, “Two Foot Explosion” is the start of this genius jumping system focusing on building the complete basketball-specific athlete.  Players will be brought through Jacob’s revolutionary “Advanced Mike Series,” will learn to explode off two feet from imperfect and unbalanced stances, and even develop hang time.  Finally player’s will learn how to jump from game specific pivots and jump based upon reactions like never before.

  • Basketball specific footwork increases a player’s athleticism
  • Jacob’s revolutionary Advanced Mikan Series
  • Finishing and explosion training at the basket
  • Methods to understand how to use “jumping” muscles more efficiently
  • Jacob’s training methods completely revealed

***For enhanced training and better results, you may use the Super Secret Sole while training with Jacob Tucker’s Jump Program.

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