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This package includes 2 Weighted Tennis Balls (1 red and 1 black) plus the Weighted Tennis Ball Drill Set Volume 1.

From focusing on hand speed and quickness, endurance, timing, ball handling techniques, and footwork, the Weighted Tennis Ball Drill Set, Volume One, is all about newfound training efficiency with the only tennis ball made for the game of basketball.

Tennis balls have been a staple in basketball training for many years, but with one major problem. Tennis balls are not designed for the game of basketball. Their light weight, bouncy nature often results in a messy training environment, where players are left chasing after lose tennis balls instead of training on their game. We are proud to introduce the I’m Possible Weighted Tennis Ball.

As he did with the Rip Cone and Medicine Basketball training, Micah Lancaster has once again innovated basketball skill development with the I’m Possible Weighted Tennis Ball.   The first ever tennis ball designed and created specifically for the sport of basketball. By adding weight and decreasing the bounce of the Weighted Tennis balls, players are able to better grab the ball and keep the ball in more realistic low levels. In this 30 minute video series, Micah Lancaster, Bryce Stanhope, and Anthony Porter showcase and teach 25 drills for how to put the Weighted Tennis Ball to use.

Advantages of the Weighted Tennis Ball:

  • Heavier than a tennis ball to improve hand speed and strength in training
  • Less bounce for better accountability in drills, forcing players to play at more realistic levels of low.
  • The added weight makes the tennis ball easier to grab and control, making training more efficient.
  • Lower bounce and weight of the tennis, offers a player better feel for the game and more realistic movements

25 Included drills:

1. Bounce To Pocket

2. Bounce To Drop

3. Bounce To Drop Thru

4. Bounce To Cross

5. Bounce To Double Cross

6. Bounce To Inside Out

7. Bounce To Drag Step Under Dribble

8. Bounce To Split Thru

9. Bounce To Behind The Back

10. Weighted Tennis Ball “Drop And Catch”

11. Toss To Grab

12. Hot Potato

13. Toss To Cross

14. Toss To Double Cross

15. Toss To Thru

16. Toss To Behind The Back

17. Place To Snatch

18. Place To Cross Snatch

19. Place To Split Thru Snatch

20. Place To Behind The Back Snatch

21. Place Push Cross Thru

22. Place Push Cross Behind The Back

23. Timed Traps Off The Bounce

24. Two Bounce Grabs

25. One Bounce Double Split

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